Make a Quiet Fuss with Your Business Portraits

Make your business STAND OUT and draw your ideal clients to you! Tell your story in images and video with Carmen Buck Photography

10 Business Portrait Tips to Rise Above the Noise

  • Tell Your Story and Grow Your Business.

  • People Love Behind the Scenes

  • Give them the story you want them to hear

  • Help them feel your story-your message. We forget what people say, but remember what they made us feel

  • Dare to get REAL

    • Influence

    • Inspire

    • Attract

    • Heal

    • Restore

    • Share Your Vision

  • Choose your 3 words/values you want people to feel. Make sure they come through in your images

  • Surprise your audience!

  • Integrate Video

  • Have Fun! We have enough serious in our lives, and if your story has some humor, your audience will thank you.

  • Be vulnerable. Your story needs to describe your struggles and triumphs otherwise we won’t believe it.

What I Ask All My Clients
1. What do you want want your audience to feel?

2. What do you want your audience to think?

3. What 3 words best inspire your business. Mine are Inspiration, Courage and Compassion. Did I nail it?

4. Do you want inside or outside photos?

5. Do you have any props you could use? (your book, microphone, tools you use with your business…)

6. Please send me at least 5 images you believe fit the style you are going for. We won’t do exactly the same, but it gives me an idea of your taste.