Artful Portraits

Women's Artful Portraits are like Modern Glamour Portraits and the experience is about YOU!   You'll be pampered with professional hair and makeup and have your very own photoshoot that fits your personality.  You'll have beautiful portraits to take home which then become memories that last forever.  

                                                                 Billie Jean Bachmann is our beautiful model.  Professional hair and makeup by Duane Sevelin Global.


What will this mean to your family as time goes by? What will it mean to you?  When was the last time you felt beautiful or really stepped out of your comfort zone?  So many women work hard and put themselves last on the list of priorities.  Change your life and schedule your shoot!  


Take A Chance!

Take a chance! Why wait for the perfect weight? Trust me to bring out your most beautiful self! Plan your photo session with Carmen and prepare to be pampered with hair, makeup and your own styled photo session that suits your personality.


The packages offer a variety of 8X10 images, beautiful folio box and even canvas prints if you want.  There are plenty of other options!