Elder Legacy Photography

Have you thought lately, “I’d do just about anything to see that sparkle in her eyes again?”


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Our elderly deserve our respect and love. We sometimes forget how important it is to memorialize every time of our lives-even our later years. These beautiful families contributed to my book Love Still Lives Here. I honor them.

What’s Different About Working with Carmen’s Legacy Productions?

“You got him! You captured his essence!”

  • Photos taken at your home, other location or facility.

  • Meaningful and personalized products are available including Legacy Books

  • I ensure a feeling of safety and comfort so your loved ones are at ease and participate and enjoy the process

  • You'll leave with a renewed feeling of connection to one another as well as gorgeous photos of the family

  • Let go of worrying about pictures that feel fake, posed, and inauthentic and relish in photos that capture the twinkle in your eye, the true smile, and the family personality


About Carmen’s Legacy Productions 


Carmen's Legacy Production- I chose three values to guide my journey as I use my art to change the world. Inspiration enough to make big changes, Compassion in all I do including how I work with people and decisions I make and the Courage to tell the truth. We're committed to changing the world one image at a time! Carmen is a Woman with a Mission and Alzheimer's Advocate. She works with special businesses who want to show the heart and soul of their businesses. Carmen is an author, speaker and visual storyteller/photographer. During her 40 years as an RN/nurse practitioner, I worked with thousands of people seeking meaning and purpose during challenging times. I draw on this to  help you find meaning and happiness in your life through photography.

 What is the difference between a photo shoot and a Legacy Photo Session? At our core we all want to be acknowledged, heard and make a difference in our own way. Images have the power to say more than a library full of books. They tell our stories when we are no longer here to tell them ourselves.

Remember my value word Compassion? It is the foundation for our favorite images with the special smirk, twinkle in the eyes, the smile that says so much and the love the seeps off the paper and lands right in our hearts.  What better gift to leave?

Ready to Plan Your Photo Session?  Need More Information?  Here you go!

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