Carmen Buck Photography:  Your Investment



What to Expect:

1. Personalized care and service.  I get to know you so that your images will capture the best of you.

2. Timely turn around.  You'll get to see your images within a 7-10 days either in person or via electronic gallery.  I prefer in person review whenever possible so that I can get your order just right for you.

3.  Fun!  No matter what your project is (family/pets, artful portraits of you, couples or family, lifestyle photography (see the miracles in the mundane or Beyond Ordinary Branding Head shots) you will enjoy your session. 

4.  I believe in GREAT customer service.  


Your Investment:

1.  I typically have a pre-shoot interview with you to talk about your needs and desires from the photo session.  This is to help me prepare and also to let you know what to expect.  What will you wear?  We'll talk about that during our pre-shoot interview.

2.  A deposit for the sitting fee and hair and makeup (when applicable) is usually requested.  Details are in the contract.

3.  Sad but true. There is some paperwork-basic contracts.  You'll get these via email along with an explanation of how you can prepare.  No worries- the details are covered.  


Prices are based on packages including the editing needed, on location vs my studio shoots, hair/makeup options and prints/products ordered.   I also suite your needs so below investments are estimates.

 Price Ranges:  As you might expect, prices vary depending on what you want.  

**Beyond Ordinary Branding Head Shots:  Begin at $150.  Expect to invest between 200-300$ if you are a business owner and want images for branding, marketing and website.  You will be able to use the images for banners as well.  Time commitment: 1-2 hours

**Artful Portraits  Individual/Couples:  Begin at $950.   These packages contain lots of beautiful matted images, folio box, wrapped gallery prints and more.  Ala cart option is available as well.   Time Commitment: about 4 hours

**Family/Pet Packages: Begin at $395  Multiple packages are available as well as ala cart.


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