Families- Unique, Authentic and Full of Love

Your Family Photo Session- Unique, Authentic and Full of Love! The photo session you've always envisioned for your family. Never rushed and something to cherish for generations to come.

Have you wondered how to personalize a special gift other than the usual monogram and such?

Are you wondering how you can tell YOUR story in a meaningful, profound way with little effort on your part?

Do you want to surprise someone you love with a book of stories and photos that tell the sacred story of why you love them?

Is there an anniversary coming up, and you are ready to STEP IT UP and really WOW your wife or husband?   

Do you have an older family member and you want to honor them by giving a book of photos and special memories of them?  

A Living Portrait!

Combine your beautiful images with video of your special day.  Record actions, your words, and your love.  Carmen creates this during your photo session.  It might add up to an hour of extra 'shoot time' but the results are amazing!  A Living Portrait can be added to any package.  Check out this example.  Imagine your loved ones with your own words!  Most living portraits are under 1 minute long. Here is another example:  

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