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Have you thought lately, “I’d do just about anything to see that sparkle in her eyes again?”


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Our elderly deserve our respect and love. We sometimes forget how important it is to memorialize every time of our lives-even our later years. These beautiful families contributed to my book Love Still Lives Here. I honor them.

What’s Different About Working with Carmen Buck Photography?

  • You will have personal photos taken in YOUR setting so that all members of the family are as authentic as possible
  • Do you want something meaningful and personalized?  Legacy Books are for you!
  • I ensure a feeling of safety and comfort so that your loved ones are at ease and participate and enjoy the process
  • My clients often tell me “You got him! You captured his essence!”
  • Leave with a renewed feeling of connection to one another as well as gorgeous photos of the family
  • Have your photos taken in a fantastic environment that brings out the smiles, laughter and joy - naturally
  • Let go of worrying about pictures that feel fake, posed, and inauthentic and relish in photos that capture the twinkle in your eye, the true smile, and the family personality


Photography is a passion of mine and photographing the elderly is one of my favorite things to do!  The idea of a photoshoot might seem stressful to you, but when done correctly, it is really fun.  Our favorite images are always the ones when our special smirk or smile is captured.  We love the ones with the twinkle in our eyes, and the ones that capture us having a good time. 

I devoted 37 years of my life to caring for people as a nurse and most of those were with the elderly.  I take those years of experience and provide a loving, kind and fun photo experience for all family members! I have a special love of photography and believe in the power of healing with photography.  Far too often we forget about our elderly population.  Having spent 37 years as a nurse, I have a special fondness for our elderly. Just See Me- Sacred Stories from the Other side of Dementia is a book I am writing (expected publication Winter 2017) about families and their loved ones with dementia.  It's filled with beautiful stories of love and devotion as well as portraits.


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