My Perfect Client

  • Realizes that we are all the same and we are all unique

  • Believes that LOVE is LOVE

  • Loves life and is a positive thinker

  • Loves romance

  • Is open to new experiences

  • Loves to travel

  • Is open hearted or wants to be

  • Is a Collaborator-a team player

  • Refers to her/his 4 legged friends as family-maybe even as 'kids'

  • Recognizes value

  • Appreciates time as a GIFT

  • Uses words with KINDNESS and with reverence

  • Laughs out loud with no apology

  • Dances just because

  • Quirky but deep

  • Realizes that EVERY life experience IS Special

  • Willing to invest in quality and invest in ME

  • You've looked at my portfolio and can't imagine not having me take YOUR portraits. Call or email to schedule YOUR photoshoot.

My NOT SO Perfect Client

  • You choose your photographer primarily on PRICE. I'm not the least expensive photographer you'll find and I'm not the most expensive either. I believe in quality and that quality of the art I deliver does not come cheaply. I invest in my education, gear and business and put my heart and soul into every image I take. I LOVE what I do and want you to love it too. With that being said, I know that finances are important. It's important to me, too. My prices are fair and I offer payment plans.

  • You want SHOOT and BURN. 'Shoot and Burn' is when the images from a photo session are on a website shortly after the shoot or you receive a thumb drive or CD/DVD. I meet with clients about a week after the shoot to go through the images with you. It is part of the experience and this is the time we make sure you LOVE your images as much as I do.

  • You want the DIGITAL IMAGES only. Some photographers will provide the digital images after a shoot. I love making sure that every image is a work of art. It breaks my heart to see images I took on social media that have been edited with filters and cropped and are of lower resolution representing my work. I deliver heirlooms and something to have and hold. I believe in wall art, books and albums. I give high resolution digital images of the images purchased AND hybrid video products as part of the product packages.

  • You are in a hurry. I am not slow, but I take the time that is needed to get the images you want. My turn around time for images is about a week-often less. I review every image I take and most often touch up every single one that we review a week later. QUALITY is important.

How Do Photographers Decide on Prices?

Well, it's not easy.  There are many factors:  experience, services/products provided and overhead.  Gear is expensive and has to be up to date.  Most I know have spent upwards of $10,000 on camera gear alone including 2 camera bodies (a backup is needed), various lenses, reflectors, batteries, filters and...  Then we need a comfortable carry bag to protect said expensive gear.  A computer and specialized software is a must as well as classes to learn about it.  Most of us spent about 20% actually taking pictures and 80% managing our business, educating ourselves and practicing our art.  We take classes to hone in on the art of photography as well as learning the business side of things.  We got to workshops, hire mentors and spend time networking.  This is not a complaint, of course.  I LOVE what I do and I even LOVE the business side of things.  

Psst- Here's a Secret about What's Really Important

When you search for the right photographer, remember that it isn't the gear or cool website or the personality.  It's the way we see things and the art we create for you!  I came across this wonderful video showing how the subject looked differently based on the beliefs of the photographers.  The photographers were all wonderful but they each saw the subject differently.  The same thing happens when I go to workshops and we shoot paparazzi style yet we all create something beautifully unique.  Take a look at my portfolio, fall in love with my images and schedule YOUR photoshoot.  

The Important of a Photographer's Vision

A photograph is shaped more by the person behind the camera than by what's in front of it. To prove this we invited six photographers to a portrait session with a twist. 'Decoy' is one of six experiments from The Lab, designed to shift creative thinking behind the lens.
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