Tuesday Tell All 3-21-17 Let's talk Joy!

Here's a little dose of SUNSHINE today! Are you thinking about having professional photos taken but not sure if they'll capture YOUR or your family's personality? I get it! I've got some fun samples and I'm going to talk about JOY and these wonderful hybrid videos on my Tuesday Tell All today at 12N! Tune into TODAY 3-20-17 Carmen Buck Photography 12N CST

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Golden Age Special

Have you thought lately, "I'd do just about anything to see that sparkle in her eyes again?"   When was the last time you had family pictures taken with your elderly family members?  Let's honor them with a gift that lasts for generations!  It's a GREAT time too because there is a special going on!  

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What Moments Matter the Most?

So, I set out to do a family photo session this week-end.  It wasn't your typical family photo session because it involved a pig named Daisy and 2 lovely, furry bunnies.  I knew the Cavanaugh family was special, but what I didn't know was that I would get to experience an absolutely genuinely fun, beautiful family too!   We did the Family session at their home because, well frankly, how do you take a pig on a field trip?  Plus, pictures in the privacy and intimacy of your own home carry special meaning.  These pics were taken between the moments with Daisy.  Good luck getting a pig to pose, but stay tuned...

Meet the Cavanaugh Family

Family Lifestyle Portraits

I've talked about 'lifestyle photography' before, and this is an example of that kind of a shoot.  Some of the shoot was posed, but the expressions were priceless and all their own.  I captured some moments between the moments and got those goosebumps (brush with the divine) that I yearn for.  When I get goosebumps, I know I'm in the midst of something truly special.  So I was!  

Family Photo Sessions- What Moments Matter the Most?

What moments matter the most?  Those moments between the moments where the personalities shine through.  I've found that the still images are incredible for this and to even add more BAM, I create a video/slide show.  The video portions are quick snippets but they capture some of the movement and love that still images simply cannot.  It's a blend of the best of two worlds.  Add music and you've got memories that go on and on.  My husband Tim Buck was kind enough to get some video footage for me so this video is definitely a behind the scenes because it shows a little bit of me.  It is a memory of a wonderful afternoon family photo session for the Cavanaugh family and for me!  It might be the best part, so be sure and take a look and leave a comment for this beautiful family!  Oh and PS- Daisy was relatively cooperative, sweet and you'll just have to see for yourself how the posing went...

Professional Prints vs Digital Images

You want the DIGITAL IMAGES only or maybe  a few prints?  You can go down to Target, Walmart... and make your own prints a lot cheaper, right?  It's the same thing as the expensive ones the photographer offers.    Why not just pay a photographer a little for a photoshoot and then make your own prints?    I get it!  I'm going to explain why.  You'll need to think about WHAT YOU VALUE and WHAT YOU WANT FROM YOUR PHOTO SESSION so you can make the best choices.  

Benefits of Professional Photo Printing

Please consider your photoshoot and the professional prints as an investment.  They are art created for you and your family.    I use professional printing services that offer treatments that protect your family art for decades to come.  You can choose matte, lustre or glossy.  A variety of papers are also available. 

Using a professional printing service has several advantages. Professional printers offer high quality prints and services not usually available at retail stores and on-demand printing kiosks.  In fact, if you get prints at say Target, WalMart, Costco, CVS, Walgreens etc… you will get a different looking print from each one.  They will not look like the image your photographer worked hard to capture and edit for perfection.  BLOG POST showing the differences will be posted in the near future.  Colors won’t be the same and the prints won’t last when exposed to the light.  If you choose not to purchase high quality prints from me (professional photo lab) I suggest you find a local photo lab such as Precision Camera in Austin, TX.  It will cost a bit more than the aforementioned stores, but it so worth it.  

Good News!  I will explain the nuances and advantages so you can choose the best presentation for your needs.  I typically do this in person so I can show you examples.  Meanwhile- read about some options.

Papers Used- Let's Make it EASY!

Fuji Crystal Archive Professional Super Type PD Luster
Vivid color reproduction, brilliant whites, with a semi-gloss luster finish; this paper offers a sharper, crisper image. #1 recommended for any type of photography.

Fuji Crystal Archive Pearl Paper
High quality gloss finish with a distinctive pearl-like appearance. Ideal for professional applications such as commercial, fashion and portrait photography.

Fuji Crystal Archive Professional Deep Matte Paper
True non-reflective matte with warm whites and a super smooth finish. It’s unique lusterless surface provides elegant color reproduction with subtlety and warmth. Great for skin tones, soft images, and black and whites. *Not typically recommend for images with dense shadow detail and ultra rich blacks.

Kodak Endura Metallic Paper
High gloss finish and metallic appearance creates exceptionally unique depth, rich vibrant colors and flattering flesh tones. Idea for commercial, fashion and portrait photography.

Types of Wall Art

Gallery Canvas Wrap

Gallery Canvas Wrap- Carmen Buck Photography

Gallery Canvas Wrap- Carmen Buck Photography

The canvas has superior color rendition, rich blacks and a smooth gloss finish. They are printed on high quality white poly-cotton canvas to ensure that the saturation and sharpness is positively awe-inspiring.  All of our canvas is printed and stretched at the lab for impeccable quality assurance.

The lab I use is proud to share that our canvas manufacturer partners with American Forests to help rebuild forests. They do this by planting a tree for every roll of canvas material used.

Metal Prints

Metal Prints- Carmen Buck Photography

Metal Prints- Carmen Buck Photography

Metal Prints are waterproof, UV resistant, and made from 100% recyclable aluminum. Images are transferred using dye sublimation processing which makes your image a permanent part of the aluminum sheet to create an extremely durable product. Available in two finishes, various sizes and display options.  Metal Prints are a very impressive option!

Wood Prints

Wood Print- Carmen Buck Photography

Wood Print- Carmen Buck Photography

Give your images a warm, natural feel these beautiful Wood Prints. The grain of the wood shows through the lighter areas of your photographs giving them a unique look. Wood prints come with precut keyholes in the back and are easy to hang. Available in various sizes from 8”x 8” to 20”x 30”.

Canvas Float Wraps

This is the same quality canvas printing as our gallery wraps, only this canvas product is wrapped around a lightweight gatorfoam board. Canvas floats are finished with black paper backing and a foam floater block with pre-drilled holes for hanging.

The manufacturer of our canvas material partners with American Forests to help rebuild forests. They do this by planting a tree for every roll of canvas material used.

Fine Art Prints

Printed using the latest in pigment based, inkjet technology, and archival certified for 100+ years.

Fine Art Prints- Carmen Buck Photography

Fine Art Prints- Carmen Buck Photography


Watercolor – 310 gsm, 100% Cotton
Heavy weight with a soft, watercolor matte texture.

Smooth Fine Art – 310 gsm, 100% Cotton
Bright white cotton paper, smooth surface, and great with high contrast images.

Bamboo – 290 gsm, 90% Bamboo Fiber, 10% Cotton
Particularly suitable for warm-toned color and monochrome prints, slightly textured.

What is Lifestyle Photography?

According to Wikipedia:  Lifestyle photography is a kind of photography which mainly aims to capture portrait/people in situations, real-life events or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday.  The primary goal is to tell stories about people's life or to inspire people in different times. Thus, it covers multidisciplinary types of photography together.  

A lifestyle photographer is not only a portrait or people photographer.  A lifestyle photographer loves/enjoys photography as ART in the everyday, 'mundane'  life.  A lifestyle photographer is also talented in other disciplines of photography such as landscape, street photography, fashion, wedding and even wildlife with one's unique vision to inspire people's life.   That's really the ticket:  the unique vision INSPIRES another's life.  

Typically, lifestyle photography is in a 'typical' or usual setting.  This might be hanging out at home, going to their favorite coffee shop, sitting at their desk looking dazed or amazed, going for their daily walk with the dog, playing with the kids... 

When I take lifestyle portraits, "real-life events" are incorporated into their session.   Therefore, lifestyle/headshots (personal branding) might involve pictures taken in a typical workday setting.  If you are looking to let your clients know about who you are, you need to show them something real.   I can help you choose the best place for these type of images.  

Taken at Kendra Scott Gives Back to Bliss Yoga Kids

Taken at Kendra Scott Gives Back to Bliss Yoga Kids

This is an image I took at a fundraiser and just happened to catch these two cuties being little girls enjoying some shiny things.  That makes it perfect!  Can't you just imagine being there?

So how can you achieve the perfect lifestyle session? Here's a couple tips.

1.  Consider a hybrid photo session.  I'll blog more about this in the future, but a hybrid photo session involves some behind the scenes video and images.  Why would you like this?  The images we pose for are beautiful and timeless and incredibly valuable.  Combine this with some fun images showing our quirky, fun, spontaneous and unique self and you've got some awesome memories.  I love the tangible matted images and books and such, but hold the hybrid videos as a media product I just LOVE.  I tend to make these for clients as a documentation of the fun we had and it's sure to become a staple product in my studio.  I've got several videos you can take a look at on THIS page.   


Fun with family, horses and lots of love

2: We still PLAN lifestyle photography sessions.   We need a plan, and there might be some posing but as you can see in the video, some of the session are images taken between the images.  It's that moment between the moments that leave me with goose-bumps (God-bumps!) which I believe is a brush with the divine.  Got to go for it!  Those moments are what make life magical.

3: Have FUN!  Life is too short to NOT have FUN!!!  We love the serious, pondering pictures, but the ones we tend to save for a lifetime of memories- the ones we're laughing and having fun.   

4: PSST- here's a secret about this photographer- I'm an observer and participant.  When I do a shoot, I become a part of the experience and yet I'm watching through my lens.  It's a wonderful place to be and why I love what I do.  Sometimes I direct and give guidance- it's a must in photo sessions.  Heck, it's a vulnerable position to be in front of the camera.  Support and guidance is always welcomed!  It's the connection I have with individuals, couples and families that make the sessions so special.  YOU WANT SPECIAL since these are images you'll want to treasure forever. 

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Kendra Scott Gives Back to Bliss Kid Yoga

I was so honored to attend a wonderful fund raiser for Bliss Kid Yoga last night!  

20% of the sales from Kendra Scott Jewelry on South Congress St. in Austin, TX were donated to Bliss Kid Yoga and they had a wonderful turnout.

 LOVE LOVE LOVE everywhere!  

This is what makes LIFE so FULL- giving and receiving.  Be sure and read on to learn more about both these organizations.  

Carmen Buck Photography (that's me!) donated my time and talent and learned about the wonderful things Kendra Scott Jewelry does.  It was an honor to be there!  Bliss Kid Yoga is a favorite non-profit organization of mine and I look forward to photographing the cool stuff they do and watching them GROW!  You can read more about this HERE on a previous blog post on CarmenBuckPhotography.com.  



Bliss Kid Yoga

Bliss Kid Yoga is a nonprofit dedicated to providing yoga programs for children, families and educators in order to help nurture physical and emotional health within the community. To discover more about their programs click here.

Bliss Kid Yoga is a 501(c)3 approved public charity.



 Big THANKS to Kendra Scott who is CEO and founder of Kendra Scott Design, Inc.   We spent the evening at their South Congress Location in Austin, TX. This happens to be their flagship store!  How cool is that!  Kendra Scott lives in Austin and is well known for her philanthropy and support of non-profit organizations.  

According to Kendra Scott Jewelry website, the company continues to design and operate out of Austin, TX with a focus on Family, Fashion & Philanthropy. In the past 12 months, the company donated $1M and 50,000 pieces of jewelry while working with over 1,000 local and national organizations.

I (Carmen with Carmen Buck Photography) LOVE THIS!   Congrats to Bliss Kid Yoga and Big Thanks to Kendra Scott Jewelry!  

Show your love by leaving a comment for me and these lovely organizations.


Personal Projects-Bliss Kid Yoga

Personal Projects- Why THIS is IMPORTANT to Me!  

Bliss Kids Yoga

Part of Carmen Buck Photography’s mission is to provide creative services and community outreach.  (Read more about my Mission Statement HERE)   I have chosen to collaborate with Bliss Kid Yoga. Bliss Kid Yoga is a nonprofit dedicated to providing yoga programs for children, families and educators in order to help nurture physical and emotional health within the community. with a local nonprofit public charity.  As you probably know, I specialized in care of dementia patients as a nurse practitioner an now as a photographer.  But kids and yoga you ask?  Well, YES!  I read about this incredible organization, their mission and LOVED it.  I contacted the Executive Director and Founder, Katherine Banker and offered my services.  I met her at one of their local events, the Austin Earth Festival April 23, 2016 and knew I made a good choice.

Austin Earth Day Video


Why Yoga?

Yoga is translated as union. Union of mind, body and spirit. It is a moving meditation designed to awaken our blissful nature. Yoga unites the inner and outer you through movements guided by breath, the practice of meditation and self-observance without judgment.

Meditation and Photography

Meditation and Photography have a lot in common.  Yoga is a moving meditation designed to awaken our blissful nature.  Photography and meditation require us to be in the present moment.  Both require a high degree of awareness.  Both are attainable when the mind is free from distracting, outside influences.  Photography is an art medium that requires a quiet state of mind and patience.   Interestingly, when I photograph nature or people, I'm lost in the present moment.  I forget about the worries of the day and the aches and pains.   Good photographers are truly grounded in the moment.  It is in this state that those 'goosebump' moments (brush with the divine) happen.    I'll have more blogs about these interesting topics.

About Yoga for Kids

Adults have been practicing yoga for thousands of years as a way to reduce stress, improve physical and mental wellness, learn healthy habits, and live a more mindful life. In recent years, yoga has gained attention and perhaps because at it’s core, yoga simply helps you live a more healthy and happy life. Today’s youth is faced with more pressure to succeed than ever. These expectations are creating arguably the most stressed generation in recent history. This is why sharing the joy and benefits of yoga with today’s youth is so crucial. The mission of Bliss Kid Yoga is to nurture physical and emotional health within the community. By supporting programs like Bliss Kid Yoga you can give children the tools to help set the foundation for a happy and healthy life.  I’m delighted to support them with my art-photography.


Classes at Bliss Kid Yoga are designed to nurture a child’s innate bliss by engaging mind, body and spirit. They cohesively combine all of the following elements with story-telling and music to provide a playful and creative approach to yoga in a comfortable and safe environment. Classes are currently offered to Preschool and Elementary age children.  Check them out and while you're there, see how you might help them continue to succeed!  




Earth Day Festival in Austin TX 2016

Earth Day ATX Video

My husband and I attended Earth Day Festival in Austin, TX 2016.  Mueller Park is beautiful and a perfect place for this celebration.  I had never been to the park and was just amazed at the oasis so close to home.  

Did you know that the community is a redevelopment of the former Robert Mueller Municipal Airport into a mixed-use urban village in the heart of the city.   It is a sustainable community that is meeting extensive goals in housing and economic development. 

Mueller’s parks, trails and open space weave through the community, establishing a native, local ecosystem and bringing outdoor recreation and education options to Mueller residents, employees and neighbors. Twenty percent of the neighborhood is dedicated to parkland and open space.  Isn't that cool?  Austin IS a cool place to live!!  

Earth Day Festival was at Lake Park within the Mueller Community.  

How Mueller = Sustainability

Click on this link to learn just how 'GREEN' the Mueller community is.  It is amazing!  

  • Open air amphitheater and stage
  • Interactive playscape
  • Picnic peninsula
  • Loop trail
  • Jogger stretching area
  • Public art


Here's something else I didn't know about the area: The Thinkery!  That'll be a whole new post though. Very cool!  Who doesn't love a place that has big pigs to welcome you?  

Autumn Leaves Anniversary

Autumn Leaves NW Austin 1st Anniversary Celebration

I was honored to be present, celebrate AND take pictures at Autumn Leaves Northwest Austin's First Anniversary party!  The theme was Parisian with music, beautiful art, exquisite food, new and old friends and a lot of LOVE!  I'm not just throwing that word around...the LOVE was palpable.  I enjoyed meeting families and staff members as well as people from the senior care community of Austin.  How WONDERFUL to see familiar faces!

Considering memory care is a very difficult decision.  There are so many factors and by the time families decide that it is best for their loved one, they've been through SO MUCH heartache.  With that being said, I heard over and over how much peace of mind they have knowing their loved one is cared for in a safe and loving environment.   So much can be said for choosing the best living arrangements and perhaps that'll be for a future blog post.

Many of you know that I've been a nurse for 37 years and NP for 16 of those.  I still can't believe it has been that long!  Nurses know how to listen and connect, and this has certainly helped me in my photography career.  Many of my years as a nurse and nurse practitioner were spent in care of the elderly and helping them to manage life with dementia.  I'm completing a book telling the love stories of these beautiful families in both photos and written word.  Watch for that October 2016!  If you would consider contributing by sharing your own love story, please contact me.

 Autumn Leaves Alzheimer’s and Memory Care Assisted Living Communities are leaders in providing specialized memory care in a home-like environment. They incorporate practices that are specifically designed for individuals living with memory impairment.  There are several Autumn Leaves Memory Cares in TX and 7 other states.   

Thank you for allowing me to capture some memories for you and your families!  

Show some LOVE and leave a comment for the families and residents!