You've Scheduled Your Photo Shoot- Now What?

What Do I (we)  Wear?

Let me assure you that you won't need to buy new clothes unless you just want to.  Clothing for a photoshoot is about coordinating, accessorizing, avoiding large patterns and looking cohesive.  Let's break these down.


    I bet when you think of family pictures, you envision write or black shirts and jeans for every family member.  Well, while you can do that, I prefer to see family (and this goes for Mother's Day Shoots) to coordinate but NOT MATCH.   A color pallet will give some interest and variety to your family portraits.  I found a nice image on Pinterest that shoes some color palettes for you.  Choosing a palette while having some variety with the clothing items also gives opportunity for your family to express their own individuality.  For instance, one member may like a button down shirt, while one may choose a different style, but so long as the colors coordinate they'll look great!   

Some Popular Color Palettes


 Patterns can be okay if small and not overpowering.  The focus of the images should be about YOU.   Think about the color palette and coordinate with the other colors.  Neutrals with splashes of colors here and there and patterns can look fabulous.  Patterns in scarves for women can be nice too.  

I recommend avoiding shirts that have characters or logos.  When my son was little he loved the Ninja Turtles.  I cherish the pictures I have of him in his favorite Ts.  So, if you want a few pics with that special character shirt, I think that is just fine.  I would avoid having that cute T in all the photos though.  


It is always better to be slightly underdressed.
— Coco Chanel
Sonia was up for some fun and enjoyed playing with the hat- A simple accessory that showed her beautiful personality.

Sonia was up for some fun and enjoyed playing with the hat- A simple accessory that showed her beautiful personality.

Coco Chanel also told us that once we felt all ready to go with our clothes, accessories... to take one thing off.  We'll keep it simple!  For some portraits, the jewelry is big, flashy and fun. For most portraits, we go for simple and elegant.  If you have something that is important to you (a special necklace, earrings...) then bring them!  I suggest bringing a few different items that can be interchanged.  I also have lots of interesting items that don't look like much on my clothing stand BUT look incredible in photos.  We are there to help you figure this out so don't worry.   

Looking Cohesive

What the heck does that mean?  Cohesion in fashion basically means that all in the photo look like they belong together.  For instance, you may choose a lovely vintage dress and your teenage daughter wants a dash of grunge with her mini skirt.  This would NOT be a cohesive look.  However, if your vintage dress has lace and we add some flowers in the hair and your daughter has a lace mini dress with soft makeup, this could work.  Do you need to know about this?  NO! You've got a team there for you!  i will give you lots of guidance and Duane Sevelin is an international makeup artist who has very special talents in styling.   He stays throughout the shoot for touchups. Some of our favorite looks have been those we decide about in the middle of a shoot.  We are a team to help you and make sure everyone is happy.

Hair and Makeup

Marcy is beautiful with or without makeup, but the perfect touches made a world of difference for her outdoor photoshoot.

Marcy is beautiful with or without makeup, but the perfect touches made a world of difference for her outdoor photoshoot.

Most people do not get professional images done often.  In fact, I see many people who tell me that they've never taken professional pictures with their loved ones.  Why not make it the experience it deserves.  The images you take home will be the spark for memories for generations and will last as family heirlooms forever.  Do it right.

I highly recommend hair and makeup for most photo shoots.  I work with a fabulous team of professionals that simply enhance your beauty.  We sometimes think that hair and makeup artists will make us someone we are not.  We will get asked for that and happily accommodate, but for the most part, the makeup is to enhance what you've already got.  Skin smoothing and color is very important whether we photograph under studio lights OR natural light.  I work with Duane Sevelin with Sevelin Global who has his own cosmetic line and is an international makeup artist.  We are so blessed to have him to be a part of this team!  

Before Your Shoot

We will have a chance to talk on the phone or video (FaceTime, Skype...) and email so you'll feel as prepared as possible.  You may not feel totally comfortable until we get going in the shoot, but this is completely typical. 

Following Dreams

I am intrigued by stairs.  It's the mystery, I think.  They go up or down and there is always the wonder about what or who might be at the end.  That's how I feel about my business and this blog.  Wonderful things have happened in such a short time that I had to literally stop and write down the sequences.  I've met some angels on earth who helped me get to where I wanted to be-in BIG ways.  There will be more about this in my blog bug suffice to say I believe in miracles.  I believe in following dreams.  When I was ready, the opportunities showed up.  

This blog will have bits of my story as well as bits about the incredible people I get to know and photograph.  I always have a project going, and I'll write about that also.  

This is such an incredible time of my life that it'll be a challenge to write about it in an orderly way.  I'm sharing it because I want anyone with a dream to not give up and to go for soon as you know FOR SURE that you really want it.

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