Following Dreams

I am intrigued by stairs.  It's the mystery, I think.  They go up or down and there is always the wonder about what or who might be at the end.  That's how I feel about my business and this blog.  Wonderful things have happened in such a short time that I had to literally stop and write down the sequences.  I've met some angels on earth who helped me get to where I wanted to be-in BIG ways.  There will be more about this in my blog bug suffice to say I believe in miracles.  I believe in following dreams.  When I was ready, the opportunities showed up.  

This blog will have bits of my story as well as bits about the incredible people I get to know and photograph.  I always have a project going, and I'll write about that also.  

This is such an incredible time of my life that it'll be a challenge to write about it in an orderly way.  I'm sharing it because I want anyone with a dream to not give up and to go for soon as you know FOR SURE that you really want it.

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