Falling in Love with Spider Monkeys

On a recent trip to Dominican Republic, I had the experience of visiting The Monkey Jungle.

This incredible tour lasted about an hour.  We were in a big group, and everyone loved this part of our day!  I was there as Carmen Buck and since I don't go anywhere much without my camera, Carmen Buck Photography was in the house.  πŸ˜€ 

The income raised with our admission tickets goes directly to the free medical and dental clinic on the grounds of The Monkey Jungle.  It was an amazing visit in many ways.  Our timing was perfect because the babies were still riding along their mother's backs and nursing periodically.  These beautiful animals hugged, kissed and played with one another. They landed on our heads and our shoulders as if they had known us for years. It was a surreal experience!  

Located in an ancient grotto is a botanical park with 30+ free roaming squirrel monkeys.  These monkeys love visitors and love to sit on shoulders, heads and feed from special plates.  At the bottom of the grotto is an enclosure for our rescue capuchin monkeys who have been physically or nutritionally abused.  There are 100’s of other free roaming animal throughout the park. 

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