Pedernales Falls State Park- a BLOG Post for FUN!

Pedernales Falls State Park- Hill Country Texas-Video

My husband and I headed to Pedernales Falls State Park and it was beautiful!  We've had some rainy weather so the water was flowing.  We climbed rocks, enjoyed some wild flowers and my husband enjoyed his Personal Portrait Assistive Device (AKA-Selfie Stick).   

It's important to capture some memories and find a good way to save them.  Taking pics on your phone is not a bad thing and there are some nifty lenses you can get to add to your smart phone.  Be sure and keep them in a safe manner.   It would be a shame to lose those happy memories.

Personal Projects-Bliss Kid Yoga

Personal Projects- Why THIS is IMPORTANT to Me!  

Bliss Kids Yoga

Part of Carmen Buck Photography’s mission is to provide creative services and community outreach.  (Read more about my Mission Statement HERE)   I have chosen to collaborate with Bliss Kid Yoga. Bliss Kid Yoga is a nonprofit dedicated to providing yoga programs for children, families and educators in order to help nurture physical and emotional health within the community. with a local nonprofit public charity.  As you probably know, I specialized in care of dementia patients as a nurse practitioner an now as a photographer.  But kids and yoga you ask?  Well, YES!  I read about this incredible organization, their mission and LOVED it.  I contacted the Executive Director and Founder, Katherine Banker and offered my services.  I met her at one of their local events, the Austin Earth Festival April 23, 2016 and knew I made a good choice.

Austin Earth Day Video


Why Yoga?

Yoga is translated as union. Union of mind, body and spirit. It is a moving meditation designed to awaken our blissful nature. Yoga unites the inner and outer you through movements guided by breath, the practice of meditation and self-observance without judgment.

Meditation and Photography

Meditation and Photography have a lot in common.  Yoga is a moving meditation designed to awaken our blissful nature.  Photography and meditation require us to be in the present moment.  Both require a high degree of awareness.  Both are attainable when the mind is free from distracting, outside influences.  Photography is an art medium that requires a quiet state of mind and patience.   Interestingly, when I photograph nature or people, I'm lost in the present moment.  I forget about the worries of the day and the aches and pains.   Good photographers are truly grounded in the moment.  It is in this state that those 'goosebump' moments (brush with the divine) happen.    I'll have more blogs about these interesting topics.

About Yoga for Kids

Adults have been practicing yoga for thousands of years as a way to reduce stress, improve physical and mental wellness, learn healthy habits, and live a more mindful life. In recent years, yoga has gained attention and perhaps because at it’s core, yoga simply helps you live a more healthy and happy life. Today’s youth is faced with more pressure to succeed than ever. These expectations are creating arguably the most stressed generation in recent history. This is why sharing the joy and benefits of yoga with today’s youth is so crucial. The mission of Bliss Kid Yoga is to nurture physical and emotional health within the community. By supporting programs like Bliss Kid Yoga you can give children the tools to help set the foundation for a happy and healthy life.  I’m delighted to support them with my art-photography.


Classes at Bliss Kid Yoga are designed to nurture a child’s innate bliss by engaging mind, body and spirit. They cohesively combine all of the following elements with story-telling and music to provide a playful and creative approach to yoga in a comfortable and safe environment. Classes are currently offered to Preschool and Elementary age children.  Check them out and while you're there, see how you might help them continue to succeed!