Alzheimers Disease, Photography and Healing

Carmen Buck Photography- nurse practitioner and internationally recognized photographer specializing in compassionate photography of the elderly and those with dementia. See video/slideshows of Alzheimer's TX walks to raise awareness and funds for those impacted by Alzheimer's Disease and other types of dementia. 

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Raising Awareness, Funds and Sharing Love for Those with Dementia

Westminster hosted a 2nd Annual fund raiser for Alzheimer's Texas at Kendra Scott! It's an honor to photograph such a wonderful event for all 3 of these groups. Westminster, AlzTX and Kendra Scott Gives Back. Westminster, Kendra Scott Gives Back and Carmen Buck Photography all helping raise funds for Alzheimer's TX to help those impacted by dementia. 

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Gracetta Recognizes Love

The delivery of portraits is always special for me, but today was even more special. Gracetta has dementia, but knows LOVE when she sees it. Pictures of her daughters and her beloved caregiver Sara lit her up from within. Yes, it was a very special day!

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A Great Project, A Great Idea and a Beautiful Smile

Bethany is a melanoma survivor who has important messages for all of us. We met at a photo shoot for The Shade Project's Down and Derby which is 5/6/17. The Down and Derby is about awareness, celebration and fund raising to help prevent skin cancer.

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Tuesday Tell All 3-21-17 Let's talk Joy!

Here's a little dose of SUNSHINE today! Are you thinking about having professional photos taken but not sure if they'll capture YOUR or your family's personality? I get it! I've got some fun samples and I'm going to talk about JOY and these wonderful hybrid videos on my Tuesday Tell All today at 12N! Tune into TODAY 3-20-17 Carmen Buck Photography 12N CST

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Tuesday Tell All-3-14-17 David and Joan

Living well when someone we love has dementia:  David and Joan contributed their story about living well with dementia to my book Love Still Lives Here about a year ago.  Yesterday, nearly one year after my original blog about them (3/14/17!) I spent the afternoon visiting with Joan and their son Kristan who had very interesting insight from the adult child's perspective.  Enjoy!

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What is Beauty?

Tuesday Tell All with Carmen Buck Photography:  The Beauty of a Woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair.
The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is a doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.  
True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul.  It’s the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows and the beauty of a woman only grows with passing years.

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Tuesday Tell All- 2/21/17 Jude and Beth

Tuesday Tell All

Every Tuesday, I’ll be hosting a FaceBook Live at 12N to talk about the stories behind the images.  

This week, I’m going to talk about Beth and Jude. They are contributors to my upcoming book, Love Still Lives Here.  This is a book about the families who love and care for those with dementia.  I’m slowly working on it with an editor and hope it’ll be out by the Fall of 2017.  It’s a celebration of love and devotion.  I met with each of the families, we talked and I recorded our interviews.  I also photographed some beautiful portraits for them and for the book.  I’m writing  their stories now and preparing to get them to the publisher.  

The Bigger the Love, The Bigger the Hurt-BUT, but the Bigger the Love- Beth Wick

Have you ever thought about what goes on behind the scenes of a photo session?  Maybe you’ve looked at photos, and wondered about the people in the photos-maybe their story or what was going on at the time.  Beth's quote is beautiful in so many ways.  

Love was going on at the time of this photo- deep and devoted love.  She and Jude have a love that is deep and devoted and enviable.  It's the kind of love we all yearn for, and it always has been. It's the love that defines their relationship- not Jude's dementia.


Jude and Beth

I want to tell you about Jude and Beth today- 12N on Facebook Live-Carmen Buck Photography page. 

They contributed to Love Still Lives Here.  I recently listened to our interview and was once again amazed by the deep love and true devotion Beth has for Jude. They met later in life and have a beautiful, deep love.  Jude developed dementia, and Beth continues in her devotion to her husband, but dementia does not define their relationship- LOVE defines their relationship.

What Defines Your Relationship?

What defines your Relationship?  Is it how you met or what challenges you've overcome?  For Beth W., Jude's wife, it is NOT dementia.  We met to talk about their love story and how the disease has impacted his life.  I'm compiling stories in a soon to be published book, Love Still Lives Here to honor the beautiful love stories that exist in spite of and in some cases, because of the dementia.

The Love of Jude and Beth

  • His face lights up when he sees Beth.  Like many with dementia, he may not be able to tell us who she is to him, but it is clear she is important to him.  


  • Their love has crossed many BIG hurdles and the commitment is clear.  Dementia has altered their 'retirement' plans but Beth is committed to her daily visits, caring for as much personal care as possible, helping him eat, sharing his favorite music with him, walking about and cuddling.


  • Dementia has not taken the core of who he is.  He has remained kind, loving, genuine, open hearted with a beautiful sense of humor.  


  • Beth wishes to define their love by these characteristics rather than using the dementia symptoms to describe her loving husband.  She admits to needing to honor what is rather than mourn what isn't and to look at their life with a wide angle lens.  That's photog talk for looking at the big picture but you get it.  

What Defines Their Love?

Patience -certainly in the beginning of their love story and now

Kindness- he is helpful to the other residents in the memory care facility where he lives- Poet’s Walk in Round Rock.

He is a gentle man

He is a spiritual man.  He had things happen that could have lead him away from his spiritual beliefs, but they did not.  He is who he is in spite of what happened.  


Love Still Lives Here

Our elderly deserve our respect and love. We sometimes forget how important it is to memorialize every time of our lives-even our later years. These beautiful families contributed to my book Love Still Lives Here. I honor them.

Teaser ALERT!

There is so much more I could say about this sweet man, but you'll have to wait for Love Still Lives Here to come out in the Fall of 2017.  You'll see many more pictures, too.  I fell in love with the animation of is face and his sneaky smiles, but again, you'll have to wait a few more months.   You know this blog post is just a super short version, right?  His wife shared beautiful stories about Jude before he had dementia, once he was diagnosed and now that he is in a memory care facility.  The love is so evident in the images, but you know I can't show those until the book is out!  Love Still Lives Here will be published by the Fall of, 2017.  At it's core, Love Still Lives Here is a book about the love in families and people with dementia.  After years of being in reverence of families caring for loved ones with dementia, I realized these stories of LOVE and DEVOTION need to be shared with the world.  These are the stories so rarely heard.  Love Still Lives Here is about the many expressions of love and will certainly entertain, inspire and open your heart.

Tune in to Facebook Live on Carmen Buck Photography page at 12N Tuesday 2/21/17!  Comment and let me know you are there- it'll help me so much!  I'll post it below when I'm all done!