Wealthy Sisters Network Killeen- Entrepreneur Emporium

What a great group of women and men!  I had the opportunity to attend this wonderful event, introduce my business, Carmen Buck Photography, meet some new people and photograph the event for the Killeen Chapter President Dee Dee Jose.   Bea Baylor, National President of WSN Leadership Institute and Dawniel Winningham, CEA & Founder of WNS gave wonderful keynote speeches.  Edie Phillips was our MC.   I'll be the first to admit that while my camera is always hooked to my hip these days (and for years now), photographing events is a challenge. I'm most comfortable doing portraits.  With events, I want to be sure and not be intrusive, but get the good shots.  I want to chat with others but pay attention to all that is going on in the room.  That requires focus and awareness all at the same time.  I need to capture the audience's responses to the wonderful speeches but then I get involved in the speech and miss out.  Ah, so much pressure!  Did I say I had fun?  Well, I did.  The event was a success and we have a few photos of us having fun.  All is right with the world.  Enjoy the slide show.  Thanks to all!