What the World Needs Now Is... Event Photography!


What the World Needs Now Is Love, Sweet Love…

Love and Event Photography- What?

Yes, this is seriously about an event I recently photographed. It is about most every event I photograph!

Most events are about:

Carmen’s Legacy Productions-Changing the World One Image at a Time

Carmen’s Legacy Productions-Changing the World One Image at a Time

  • Leadership

  • Personal/Professional Growth

  • Business

  • Parties!

  • Corporate Events

What do these each have in common? The organizers want us to feel connected, engaged with others, and a sense of belonging. We might attend events to learn new ways of living a more full life or grow our businesses or lead with heart, or build a stronger work and home family. Some events are mostly about celebrating a team or a person-recognition of a life well lived. See where I’m going here?

At the core is LOVE!

Gratitude, connection with others or ourselves is about loving others and loving life. It’s a part of every photo session with Carmen’s Legacy Productions.

We all know a life worth living is a life where love is freely given AND received and yet it is not at the top of most organizers’ agendas.

We want out family to be happy and fulfilled. We want to be happy and fulfilled. A more fulfilled work life means both personal and professional abundance. Those businesses with a mission and vision to serve others are all about love, though you might not see it on their mission/vision statements.

What does this have to do with Event Photography with Carmen’s Legacy Productions?

I’ve photographed many events and most recently it became clear that the photos we are drawn to show emotion and make us feel something. It is very evident how we may not remember what someone says, but we will remember how they made us feel. It simply makes sense that event photography must represent this.

When we want to attract attendees who want to be there…

When we want to show the world what the heart of our business is all about…

When we want our attendees to remember the event with absolute fondness and gratitude for the transformation and connections…

You Empowered Strong 2019- Healing with Compassion, Kindness, and Courage. Photographed and produced by Carmen's Legacy Productions.

Event Photography with Heart is Key!

What are key components of event photography with Carmen’s Legacy Productions?

Photos which tell YOUR story- start to finish

Images that will make your social media followers stop swiping their fingers and start to look closely

Video/slideshow with feeling so they not only remember what occurred, they get to re-live it. Those who were not there will wish they were and be the first to sign up next time.

Watch for the next blog about how I prepare for an event, and stay grounded and present. I’m an observer and participant and my energy is drawn to those precious moments you and your attendees want to hold onto. It’s so much more than it seems on the surface.

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