In Search of Passion

In Search of Passion

Event Photography

There are many types of photography and event photography is surprisingly one of my favorites. At first, photographing an event didn't seem like something transforming for me- AT ALL. However, I was asked to photograph a three-day women's religious/spiritual retreat, and being present as an observer and participant were astoundingly moving. I was hooked! I've since enjoyed a variety of workshops.

I recently attended and participated in an event by Candy Barone called You Empowered Strong (YES). AMAZING!!!

ATX- Candy Barone- You Empowered Strong 3 day workshop with presentation from Carmen Buck

May 16-19, 2018

Join, renowned leadership development expert & business strategies, Candy Barone for this powerful, dynamic and 3-day interactive event where you will access the knowledge and unleash the power of how to truly say YES to yourself and your business to achieve explosive growth and massive results.


Behind the Scenes Scoop


I'll tell you a little behind the scenes story about Candy. Almost 3 years ago, I wanted to gift some photography to a female entrepreneur following her dream and who I felt embodied the attitude of gratitude.  I was just beginning my own journey as an entrepreneur. I followed Candy on Facebook because we just happened to go to the same little high school in central Illinois. We were decades apart but had this little thing in common. So I wrote her an email, offered her an opportunity and even though I'm sure she thought it was crazy random, she came over to my studio. My risk to ask and her risk to accept was life changing. She was so impacted by the images, she decided to change her branding. Here is one of the iconic images from that shoot.

We've had a mutual love and respect fest ever since AND now I get to photograph, participate and speak at her YES workshop. I know there are no random mistakes or coincidences. Candy and I have lifted one another and grown in our own ways. I get to photograph the emotions on the faces as people's lives are transformed. I see how powerful the right words at the right time can be.  See how exciting event photography can be?  It's real life captured second by second. Who would've guessed?

Events Photographed by Carmen Buck Photography

Birthday Parties- any parties!




See more examples here! 

Candy Barone-Imagine the Possibilities

This is an example of a video/slideshow portion of a Business Portrait session with Carmen Buck Photography. YOU can have this for your business too! This is Candy Barone, CEO and founder of You Empowered Strong wanted new images to support her platform of Change your "What if" to "Imagine if."

Candy Barone, known as the Pull-No-Punches Accountability Powerhouse, is the CEO & Founder of You Empowered Strong and serves as an executive coach, business strategist and corporate trainer. She also is an international speaker and Amazon best-selling author.  Read more about Candy HERE

Candy is a catalyst and change agent who works with what she calls the 3 Es: Executives, Entrepreneurs and Emerging Leaders to help them bring “heart” back to leadership. With nearly 20 years in Corporate America, she is a master at building exceptional, high-performing teams, maximizing and leveraging ROI, growing emerging leaders, and catapulting individuals to achieve explosive growth.

Some of the areas of specialized focus are:

- Executive-Level Coaching
- Leadership Training
- Team Development & Training
- Group Coaching for Teams
- Sales Coaching
- Business Strategy & Development
- Healthy Conflict Facilitation / Resolution