Memories for a Memory Care Facility

Carmen Buck Photography 

Sundara Senior Living-A Boutique Memory Care Gets Ready to Open Their Doors


I recently photographed the ribbon cutting ceremony and reception at one of Round Rock TX’s newest memory care facilities, Sundara Senior Living. We, as a society and family members, want our loved ones with dementia to be safe and well taken care of.  People with dementia and their families/guardians have many decisions to make. By the time memory care is even an option, the person with dementia is likely not able to make this decision for themselves, making this vulnerable time even more heartbreaking. Fortunately, most elder care facilities, including memory cares can provide ample information to help families choose.  How do you choose the 'right' facility for your loved one? I promise to blog about this in the near future on Knowing what to ask during this highly emotional time can be one of the biggest hurdles. Stay tuned to

Is it Alzheimer's Disease or Dementia?

5 Myths About Alzheimer's Disease

Someone develops Alzheimer's Disease every 66 seconds. Let's talk truths and myths. 5 Myths About Alzheimer's Disease by Carmen Buck with Carmen Buck Photography- nurse practitioner, humanitarian photographer, speaker and writer


I attended the ribbon cutting to learn more about Sundara Senior Living. Dementia care was my specialty as a nurse practitioner and I now specialize in photography of the elderly. My upcoming book, Just See Me-Sacred Stories from the Other Side of Dementia describes 13 families journeys with dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease. Attending events at senior living facilities is an interesting experience for me- I see them through the eyes of an experienced nurse/nurse practitioner and also as the story-teller/photographer I am now. 



Why do we need Memory Care Facilities?

When someone we love has dementia (Alzheimer’s Disease is one kind of Dementia) and is no longer safe living alone, options have to be discussed. Families sometimes struggle trying to decide what might be best. My upcoming book, Just See Me-Sacred Stories from the Other Side of Dementia tells of family’s heart breaking decisions about care for their loved ones. Watch for "Just See Me" in March/April 2018!


About Dementia/Alzheimer's Disease

I will have an updated website very soon. This is where you'll find all kinds of great info about dementia, caregiving, support and so on.  In order to tell you about Sundara Senior Living, I need to explain a little bit about Dementia/Alzheimer's Disease here.

Dementia-Alzheimer’s disease can result in a number of changes in the brain and body. These changes may affect safety. 

Some changes you might see in your loved one with Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Judgment
  • Sense of time and place
  • Behavior
  • Physical ability
  • Senses
  • “Wandering"
  • Incontinence
  • Caregiver burnout

Although a person with memory loss might be able to live independently or with family, sooner or later it becomes apparent that they are not safe alone. There may come a time when that person requires more care than can be provided at home. There are options for the family, and memory care is one option. This is a very personal and difficult decision for most families. Watch for more details about dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease Care as I update

Families and those responsible for decision making have a variety of choices. Memory cares are expensive and Medicare doesn’t cover this expense. They can cost $5000 a month and more!  Home care, personal care homes, assisted living are some of the other care options. Memory cares are devoted to care of those with dementia/Alzheimer's Disease thus making them a popular choice. 

Sundara Senior Living answered the call to provide a more reasonably priced, trustworthy, more ‘like home’ setting for people who need the care provided by memory care facilities. I attended Sundara Senior Living’s ribbon cutting and grand opening in Round Rock, TX. 

Here is a little bit about Sundara Living from  

"Sundara Senior Living is a refreshingly simple and long overdue choice for families seeking top-notch care they can really trust and afford. From the outset, our goal was to address the biggest challenges facing seniors today – rising resident fees, high staff and management turnover, and overly complicated price, care and cost options. With nearly 80 years of senior care experience behind us, we took a unique approach grounded in our belief that the profound challenge of finding the right community does not have to be so confusing, complicated, or costly."

"At Sundara, we’ve made everything simple. Starting with our communities, which are thoughtfully designed as a true home that allows our residents to continue their lives with minimal disorientation. Our intimate scale and finely appointed interiors immediately resonate and feel familiar, which reflects our residents' daily lives in a way not possible in a larger commercial facility."

Congratulations Sundara Senior Living!