Raising Awareness, Funds and Sharing Love for Those with Dementia

It's so important to give to and support one another.  I've got a few favorite non-profits and one of them is Alzheimer's Texas.   I attended a wonderful event July 25th- Kendra Scott Gives Back hosted by Westminster to benefit Alzheimer's Texas at the Kendra Scott store on N Lamar in Austin TX!  Four giving  organizations all came together- Kendra Scott (Kendra Gives Back), Alzheimer's Texas, Westminster Retirement Community and Carmen Buck Photography. This was the second annual event, and it was so much fun!  Here's a bit about the event, Alzheimer's TexasKendra Scott Gives Back and Westminster.

Kendra Scott Gives Back

We had a great time at Kendra Scott on N Lamar to raise funds for Alzheimer's Texas.  Westminster Retirement Community hosted the event.  I was delighted to photograph the event.  

Kendra Scott will be the subject of a future blog post because I LOVE businesses that give back to the community.  Kendra Scott is a beautiful example of this, so stay tuned!  When Kendra Scott Gives Back hosts a fund raiser at one of her stores, 20% of all sales are donated to the cause.  I've attended a few events and have been more impressed with each one.  

A wonderful evening of giving by Kendra Gives Back for a great cause-Alzheimer's Texas! Thanks to Westminster for hosting and raising funds for such a good cause. See you at the walk!

About Westminster Retirement Community in Austin, Texas

Big thanks to Westminster for hosting this fundraiser!  I enjoyed meeting those from Westminster at the event.  Founded by a small Austin church with a century-old history of leadership in social services, the rich legacy that defines Westminster began in 1967. The community was the first of its kind in Texas to combine the privacy of apartment homes with the services of a 24/7, on-site health center, and the first to offer the Life Care option to receive and pay for care services.

About Alzheimer's Texas

Alzheimer’s Texas* provides information, referrals, and a variety of support programs for those with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, and their family members, caregivers and professionals. Alzheimer's Texas* has proudly served Central Texas since 1982.  

Their programs include 24/7 Helpline, Consultations, Education, Training, Early Stage Support, Caregiver Support, and Community Respite Development.

Today, they are Austin’s premier Life Plan community, a not-for-profit corporation governed by the leadership of a local board of directors and managed by Life Care Services, LLC, the nation’s leading developer and manager of senior living communities.


These are directly from Alzheimer's TX http://www.txalz.org/walk/ website. Sign up, join us for the walk and help those impacted by Alzheimer's Disease and other forms of dementia.

These are directly from Alzheimer's TX http://www.txalz.org/walk/ website. Sign up, join us for the walk and help those impacted by Alzheimer's Disease and other forms of dementia.

My Interest in Alzheimer's Texas


I am a nurse practitioner, author, speaker and photographer.  I've been a nurse for 37 years (16 of those as NP) and spent many of those years caring for the elderly.  My current photography/essay project is a book called Love Still Lives Here-Everyday Spirituality and Dementia with stories and photographs of love and devotion of families caring for their loved ones with dementia.  Expected publication is January 2017. I speak on a variety of topics including eldercare, dementia care, spirituality and holistic nursing.

The Genesis of Love Still Lives Here

Love Still Lives Here is a project/book about families living with Dementia.  It's a culmination of 8-12 stories of families and the love that they have for one another. Their stories range from when they first learned that they or their loved one had the disease to how they manage day to day.  Very interesting themes have emerged!  Love Still Lives Here is a book about the love in families and people with dementia.  After years of being in reverence of families caring for loved ones with dementia, I realized these stories of LOVE and DEVOTION need to be shared with the world.  These are the stories so rarely heard.  Love Still Lives Here is about the many expressions of love and will certainly entertain, inspire and open your heart.

Some Blog Posts/Stories about Love Still Lives Here  (click to view)


Family Legacy Photography

  In my 37+ year nursing career, I often cared for elders who had no recent photos.  It wasn't unusual to see people in their 80s whose most recent photos were from their 40s and 50s.  When did our later years become a time not worthy of being memorialized?  Sure, elders aren't smoothed skinned anymore, but there is still that light, that smile, that expression that is so uniquely them.  Elder remembrance photography is about honoring our later years, and recognizing the beauty that is still there.  It's about seeing the love that families have for one another-even within the mundane everyday stuff.  It's my mission to bring Family Legacy Photography to life!  Watch for E-Books with simple tips about how to take great photos.  Add some stories about your loved one and you've got magic!