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Personal Branding vs HeadShots

I’ve struggled with the term ‘Head shots ‘ because #1 I just don’t like the sound of it and #2 it didn’t describe what I do.  I stumbled across the term ‘Personal Branding’ and found my home.  The images you put on your website, business card, marketing materials, social media profiles... represent your business.  It's about branding, right?  Those headshots are really Business Portraits!

‘Headshots’ have traditionally been rather dull, flat images that have little personality.  Ah, but the Personal Branding photography and Business Portraits are about YOU. In the world of entrepreneurs, corporations and social media the days of simply self promoting are gone.  They want to know the 'why' behind our businesses and they want to know about us.  Personal Branding is about self-expression where we deliberately shape our image and persona to let the world know what we have to offer, how we are different and WHY.  

Many of us use social media on a more personal, yet professional level to flare our popularity and bring some personality to our pages.  Our online persona is used as a marketing and promotional tool to brand us.  Posts tell the world what we believe in, what we do, what we love, what we don’t love and how we shape our world.  People are more apt to patronize our businesses if they can relate to us and hey!- we will attract clients we enjoy working with.  Having a variety of Business Portraits meets these needs.  The following are examples of business portraits. Tonya is a fun, exciting and excitable speaker. Her business portraits need to reflect this. Her book, sales tools and microphone were some of the real life 'props' we used.  I also took some of her pointing to use at strategic places on her website. 

Not Sure What You Need?  Let your personality shine through!  

Let's Get Creative!  

Here are some examples with a variety of props for business portraits to be used on your website...

Short Video to Help You Decide What Business Portraits or Video is Best For You!

Carmen Buck Photography offers 3 wonderful ways to get your business or personal message to the world! 1- Headshots with personality. These are still pictures taken in my studio, your location or somewhere else. 2. Add video to share your message 3. Make a "Talking Business Card" by applying your video to your picture. This is really fun and definitely something that draws people in to your message.

Carmen Buck Studios Offers Business Professionals STILLS and VIDEO

1.   Key Decision for your Business Portraits:  How will you use your images:

  • Do you have a short video message you want to add to your business portraits?
  • Social Media- banners and or profile picture?  For personal or professional pages or both?  
  • Magazine, newsletters, blog posts about you or your business?
  • Personal use- has it been a long time since you had portraits taken?  Would your significant other appreciate a special beauty shot?  
  • Do you need images from different parts of your business- i.e. your office, with your coworkers… or maybe a special event to promote
  • See the VIDEO for More Info!

2.  Your photoshoot is designed to fit YOUR needs.  You may want some with more casual clothing, some with dress suit, some soft and beautiful and some more strong and powerful.  Would it be fun, serious or a little of both?  What will YOUR video/slideshow look like?  

3. There are packages available to choose from with digital and matted beautiful portraits as well. Packages begin at around $150 for simple low resolution files. Expect to pay closer to $500 for a variety of images and video.

4. Professional Hair and makeup (optional but recommended) immediately before your photo session at the studio are $150

5. Photo sessions can be done in my studio, outside at my studio (1 acre beautiful green area) or at your location.  

6. Ask about group rates!

Call (512-920-2825) or contact me to set up YOUR Business Portrait/Personal Branding Photoshoot!

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