Tuesday Tell All 3-21-17 Let's talk Joy!


Let’s talk JOY!  You’ve all seen it.  You may not be able to put it into words, but you know when you see it, and you know when you feel it.


Sharmita Bhattacharya was born and raised in the greater Houston area. While loving dance and music, she discovered a love for acting when at the University of Texas as Austin.  This is where I met her.  She was doing some modeling on the side, and I had the honor of photographing and meeting this beautiful young woman.  Since we met last year, she has moved to California to pursue acting. Check out her website!

So, this is Sharmita- bright, adorable with a smile that lights up the room.  It was pointed out to me last week that we all shine-some of us keep our light on dim while others ride in high beam.  Sharmita shines on high beam naturally.  Shine your brights too!  No need to make yourself small.


Go to the Light!

So, you may think to yourself- she’s got that light and I don’t so…  But you know what?  We all have that light!  I’m a photographer that can help you to see your own light.  That is my gift.  Time to turn on your bright lights!

Solution to Finding YOUR Light

One way of capturing the joy is combing the portraits with videos.  That means we’ve got to find a way to merge a tangible item (a printed portrait) with the digital video.  Wondering how this happens?  I’ll show you!  Take a look at the FACEBOOK LIVE video.


  • Stills- family shots, portraits, head shots, pets, maternity…
  • Stills plus video- I combine the stills with some video and you take home MAGIC!
  • Stills plus video and Live Portrait- You choose one awesome portrait to be attached to your video/slide show and anytime you want to see the video- just scan your free ‘Live Portrait’ app

Where to use the ‘Live Portrait?

Business card- do you ever go to meetings and want your business card to WOW people?  This is your solution!  

Portraits- any medium-print, canvas gallery, metal print- you name it 

In an Awesome Album

How does it work?

We do a portrait session and include video.  You may have more stills than video, more video, narrative in your video such as for people in business or maybe just kids playing. 

What does a hybrid video look like?  I photographed this beautiful couple in honor of their engagement- it’s a nice mix of cute video with beautiful stills.  They happen to love to play and have fun and their photos reflect that.  How will yours look?  I imagine their children and grandchildren looking at the photos and video getting a real good idea of what they were really like.  Yours will look like you want them to- we will talk about your goals-personal or business- and create something incredible for you!  

TJ and Cassie- Hybrid Video

Images tell us so much more about love than any words can. Taken in Salado, TX. Congratulations to Cassie and TJ who are getting married 4-15-17

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