Witnessing History in Photographs

January 26, 2017 was a HUGE day for "I Am Empowered Woman."  You haven't heard of them?  Oh, but you will!  I am honored to be their official photographer, and I am also Delighted to tell you about them!  

About I Am Empowered Woman

They are changing the conversation of who a woman is in the world and workplace.

They are a womens' leadership organization that includes mentorship, education and resources to empower women to expand, progress and develop themselves professionally and personally.  

  • This organization exists to support women in being empowered in the face of anything.
  • They foster authentic connection, collaboration and co-creativity.
  • They are inclusive of all professional women.
  • They focus on supporting women in the development of their leadership capacities and skills so that they can achieve anything they want in life and in work.
  • Each meeting and touchpoint is inspiring, actionable and results-oriented.
  • They are committed to self-development, our communities, culture and society for the greater good.
  • They are inclusive of all professional Women; including both career professionals and entrepreneurial women.  
  • They are creating a new paradigm for networking both online and through live events.

Check out I Am Empowered Woman Website!

Their mission is to grow the movement of women being empowered in the world.  They feel there is no better time in the world than NOW for women to rise.  


Do you understand now why I am SO EXCITED to photograph for I Am Empowered Woman??  I feel like I'm witnessing, participating in and documenting history.  Join in!!!  I know MY friends, and I know this is a group you will enjoy and get so much out of!

Excitement, Women Seeking More in their Lives...Watch the short Video and See What Happened at the

I Am Empowered Woman Launch Party!

1/26/17- Watch the excitement, the crowds of women joining together for a better life and to support one another!  See I Am Woman Launch Party ATX Video!


Dear Friends- Be My Guest and Join Me in a Very Special Evening 2/16/17 @6:30pm

Imagine a room with empowered women, all there to support themselves and each other in their work and in life. Imagine laughing, having fun, eating a bite, drinking some wine and learning something new. 

That is what happens at “I Am Empowered Woman”; a women’s leadership organization dedicated to empowering women to expand, progress and develop themselves professionally and personally through leadership and mentorship events, education and resources.

Welcome to I Am Empowered Woman’s monthly collaborative events.

In every collaborative event, you will have the opportunity to connect with other amazing women, and engage in some fun activities that forward whatever you are up to in your business or career. Each month will include different formats, themes and activities.

Get Your Tickets and Join Me in a Very Special Evening!

If you have not yet joined IAEW as an Inaugural Member, click here and get your ticket today.

If you ARE an IAEW Inaugural Member, click here for your member ticket!

Bring yourselves, and your friends and be a part of I Am Empowered Woman and the movement of women empowering women. The evening promises to be fun, educational and engaging!! The event is Feb. 16th from 6:30 - 9pm.

Go Right for the Soul-

Go Right for the Soul-

There will be delicious appetizers, wine, beer, non-alcoholic beverages and some fun raffle prize drawing giveaways!

Our WeWork building is located between Home Away and Whole Foods on the NorthSide of the Domain.
Park on the 3rd or 4th floor of the WeWork Green parking garage. Enter via the 4th level of the parking garage or the the 3rd floor of the WeWork Building. We can't wait to see you at our February event!

Dear Friends- Get Your Ticket and JOIN ME!  I would love to see you!

 Click here and get your ticket today.