2017 with Carmen Buck Photography

2017 with Carmen Buck Photography

How do I celebrate and honor those who mean so much to me, my business Carmen Buck Photography and the wonderful art created?

I make a special show!

One Photo, One Special Word and many Happy Memories

It's been a wonderful 2017 for Carmen Buck Photography. I chose the perfect words for the perfect people in my life. You're going to love this!


May 2018 bring waves of happiness, joy and much success!


Carmen Buck Photography 20177 Highlights

1. More video has been added to the products. Tell YOUR story with words, music and photography. Every family and business need to tell their unique stories in video (hybrid video).

2. Carmen's Book, Just See Me-Sacred Stories from the Other Side of Dementia'  was sent to the publisher the past few weeks. This is a HUGE deal!  13 families told their amazing stories. It took over 2 years to write and it'll be published early 2018. Needless to say, I am super excited!  

Carmen Buck-Author, Speaker and Photographer

Carmen Buck-Author, Speaker and Photographer

3. Carmen Buck Photography specializes in all ages, but adores photographing the elderly and those with dementia. See the babies and pregnant ladies in the clip? They're a dream and it is such an honor to photograph new life. Honoring the end of life is equally as meaningful. 

What makes Carmen's photography so special?  She tunes in and tells your story by bringing out the true essence.