I Still Write on Paper

I know, I know- it’s 2016 and I own a laptop.  I can write and do all kinds of cool stuff with it, but I still have to write my ideas down on paper first.  In fact, I do a lot of writing on paper before I put anything in writing on the computer.  

I did a little search and found some famous authors who also wrote long hand.  Maybe there are more and we just don't know about it?   

Six Famous Authors Who WriteWrote Longhand

  •        Andre Dubus III
  •        Jordan Mechner
  •        Vladimir Nabokov
  •        Truman Capote
  •        Joyce Carol Oates
  •        Wayne Dyer

I’m not alone, of course.  Many writers and other creatives begin with handwritten notes.  Some do the majority if not all on paper.  I have several composition books filled with ideas, phrases, quotes and even full paragraphs.  There is something about writing down my ideas that makes them become reality versus writing them on a computer.  

A Few Reasons Why Writing on Paper Might be Better

  • Hmmm      Distractions!  Even when I try to ignore the notifications, I can’t help but glance up at who is tagging me or replying or posting or yeah, what about those cute kittens!    If I close the laptop and sit with my paper, magic happens.  No cute kittens, but magic just the same!


  • I love pretty things.  Half the excitement for me is writing in a pretty journal.  I really LOVE pretty journals.  I mean I really LOVE them!  Although I have a few pricey ones,  I typically get them cheap enough especially during back to school sales.  I get ones that I like in bright colors and other pretty decorations.  It feels like something special when I sit down to write.  I have a few I got when attending writing workshops held by Hay House Publishing.  They’ve got quotes of different Hay House authors written on the top of every other page.  I feel like they’re whispering win my ear.  Holding something that makes me smile is an inspiration.


  • I tend to brainstorm better when I write my words down.  I self edit when I type on the computer.  My best work is when I write without thinking too much.  I like to write my outlines down and fill in some of the blanks. On the computer, I stop to correct typos, grammar... but on paper I just let the ideas flow naturally.   I still use my computer for some of it, but it always begin on paper.  


  • The pace of my books fit the pace of writing on paper.  I think I may consider typing on a computer if my books were a quicker pace.  Mine are beautiful stories and about spirituality which tends to be congruent with the pace of pen and paper.  


  • My journals are easily portable.  My book has sections of stories and sections about spirituality and spiritual crisis.  It’s about real life.  Parts of it have been written in busy urban places where I feel surrounded by life.  Others have been written in nature where I feel closest to God.  Yes, I need God’s helping hand regularly as I write.  Other parts have been in my home office with my pup by my side surrounded by the books I love and yes, pretty journals.  


  • I feel a bit secretive with my pen and paper.  I can go anywhere, whip out my journal and nobody stops to ask me what I’m doing or even looks twice.  I’m kind of buried in my journal, so maybe I don’t notice, but that’s another story.   Maybe they think they think I’m writing deep dark secrets in my diary, and who wants to interrupt that masterpiece?!  In any event, I don’t have to worry about plugging my computer in or having a bright light facing my face.  The empty page invites me in!  

So, if you see me out and about with my journal and pen, stop and say hello.  Don't worry, I won't blog about you.