Head Shot Heaven!

What happens when you take a Friday evening, gather a group of energetic ladies, add wine, bling, makeup and a camera?  FUN!  

I met Pam Hurn with Parklane Jewelry (Women Who Just Love Bling!) at a National Association of Professional Women, NAPW networking meeting.  I couldn't help but enjoy gawking at the pretty jewelry (yes bling!) she had on display.  We instantly fell into a conversation that ended up planning a photo shoot with the help of her styling with jewelry.  She later contacted me and we added Margaret Olson, Mary Kay Independent Sales Director.  Her role would be to help women learn about makeup if they wished.  We offered packages including the styling, makeup and head shots.  What an opportunity!  It's not my typical head shot session, however it was a great way to meet the needs of women looking to have some fun and get some head shots for business and social media.  The three of us met twice and had numerous email conversations planning the 'perfect' event and we had our night planned!  We wanted it to be fun, so of course wine and food were included!  

So let's see:  food + wine + energetic women + makeup + jewelry + a photo session at an affordable price= a GREAT time!  

We all invited and encouraged our friends and Pam brought in the majority of the ladies!  Way to go Pam!  Our schedule was full and the wine was flowing.  We ended up bringing out some of my vintage hats which I adore.  There was lots of laughter and even some networking in addition to makeup and styling.  Win-win-win!!  

A collaborative event of professional photos with Carmen Buck Photography, customized foundation matching, color cosmetics application and training with Margaret Olson, Indep. Sales Director with Mary Kay, personalized jewelry selection, and styling with Pam Hurn (Women Who Just Love Bling/ParkLane Jewelry).

Before and Afters- We Simply enhanced the beauty that was already there!

Much thanks to all who participated, Pam and Margaret!  

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