A Golden Hour Family Photo Shoot

You may know about the 'Golden Hour' which is a photographer's dream time!  This is a period shortly after sunrise or before sunset during which daylight is redder and softer than when the sun is higher in the sky.  When Selina asked me to do a family session with a pinup feel and a vintage car, my thoughts went to 'GOLDEN HOUR!'  Not only was the session phenomenal, choosing that time helped us all from wilting in the heat.  

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The Praesel family is unique and special as all families are.  What I love about them is the tenderness and kindness they have for one another. Selina’s sweetness toward her son (she calls him Peanut) is genuine and beautiful. Clay looked at his wife with such love and occasionally contributed important words such as ‘I just want her to be happy.’  Add a sweet child they call ‘Peanut’ and his dog and we have MAGIC!  

This weekend some friends of mine pointed out 'You sure do have fun- like ALL THE TIME!'  I laugh because yes, I have fun.  The truth is, however that I spend many days with my nose in the computer working on editing and marketing and all that goes with being an entrepreneur.  Then, I have an evening with a photo shoot like this and I’m reminded why its all worth it.  How we give and receive love is paramount to the quality of our lives.  It's one of basic spiritual needs.  Interacting with and photographing families and individuals is my way of showing love.  I get SO much in return!  

Some people ask me- 'How does a nurse become a photographer?  They're such different worlds.'  At first glance, yes it seems like a nurse and photographer would have so little in common. The truth is that healing can take place in any setting at any time.  It's about connection with others and nature, love and experiencing the divine in those every day moments.  What people may not realize, is that I am observing AND participating in someone else's life through the eye of my lens.  I saw the way this lovely couple looked at one another.  I witnessed the love between mother and son and clicked that moment so they will have it forever.  Nurses have to listen and pay attention to the moments between the moments and so does a photographer.  When Selina told me she hadn't had family pictures taken since her son was a baby, I knew the day would be special.  When a beautiful woman sees herself in a new way because of an image I took, it's healing for both of us.  These pictures will be in their lives for generations.  I was there.  What an honor!  You can read more about my journey HERE.

Behind the Scenes Video of the Praesel Family Shoot

A beautiful family and their photo session!