Taking Risks-5 Reasons to Take the Leap

Risk taking can lead to success. We all know that, of course, yet that doesn't make it easy.  Some of us are a bit more excited about risks than others.  I tend to LOVE the mystery of life and therefore enjoy taking risks (under most circumstances).  The payoff of a risk can be great.  The person afraid of risks will say that the price can be high.  Both true.  

It is well known that women are believed to be less risk takers than men-especially with regards to finances.   Women are more 'savers' and men tend to take more chances.  There are a variety of speculative reasons and Helaine Olen discusses some of these in 'Why Women Don't Take Risks with Money.'     Of course, how we respond to stress or fear has a lot to do with how we take risks no matter what our sex.  You know people who love stress and tend to take risks for the thrill of it.  Many entrepreneurs are risk takers!  Let's be real- it takes a lot of guts to go out on your own knowing it'll take a while to reach your goals (professionally, personally and financially); you'll have to do things such as networking and speaking that will be completely out of your comfort zone; you'll have to dream big and remember that dream even when sitting in your PJs all day with your head buried in the computer.  (True confessions-that is me much of the time!)

Okay- so much for the humor break!  It was all we could do not to crack up during those 50 seconds.  

As many of you know, I've recently taken some big risks with regard to my career.  I explain it in Part 1 and Part 2.

5 Reasons to Take the Leap

1.  Great Opportunities Come with Risk Taking.  While it is true that there is risk and things could go sour, for those of us who enjoy risks, we know the greatest pain is in not knowing what 'could have happened.'  

  • Solution:  Go in 100%. Put your best face forward!   I help business owners with personal and professional branding including head shots.  How important is the image we put out there, after all?  Head shots are important and is a worthwhile investment.  Branding is a whole other topic!  Your images are an important part of your branding.   
  • Solution:  Think big and outside the box.  I like to start with my BIG DREAM idea and go from there.  
  • Solution:  Get a posse together- other people you know to bounce ideas off of.  Be open to all ideas and brainstorm.  I am in the process of putting together a team together that starts with a few core women I admire and like and asking them to add a member or two they admire and like.  This will open up the 'idea mill' and allow me to stay in control while giving away all control.  Reach up to GROW!
  • Solution: Do you already have pics for your website?  Great!  Update your Branding Head Shots regularly. I recommend that head shots and website images be updated about once a year.  We change over time and our business changes too.  Stay up to date!   Take a look at this blog post for some great info about this.

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2.  Taking risks can be an inspiration for others.  I've been a nurse for 37 years and a nurse practitioner for 16 of those. That means I studied and worked real hard to reach my goals.  When I decided to leave my full time clinical work to write a book telling some beautiful stories about families caring for loved ones with dementia called Love Still Lives Here some thought I was a little nuts, but most applauded and supported me.  Many young and even more experienced nurses tell me that they feel an inspiration to go and get the job they want or pursue the specialty that excites them.  The world needs more happy people/nurses!  I'm a holistic nurse practitioner and a member of the American Holistic Nurses Association  and self care is an important part of the philosophy.  Care of body, mind and spirit means care for ourselves as well as our patients!  Inspire by being WHO YOU ARE as much as WHAT YOU DO.  

3.  Success Won't Visit without an Invite.  Take a risk and send your invite.  What do you want to do?  Why?  How? When?  Deciding to take a risk is the first step and that's a big step.  The REAL big work begins after the decision though.   After 37 years of taking care of others and not typically putting myself first, I felt like a starving person at a buffet when I started to think of the options ahead of me.  I knew what I wanted to do (photography, write Love Still Lives Here) but I had no idea of all the other options out there.  What options are best for me?  What's the best route FOR ME?  So many people came knocking to sell their products or services and without a clear plan, it can get confusing.  Bottom line- pursue success by taking a chance.  Take a deep breath and choose wisely FOR YOU. Risk taking does not mean taking a haphazard approach.

  • Find your Tribe- There are many networking groups.  I looked at local women's groups, chamber of commerce groups and even Meet Up groups.  I've met a lot of people and my world has grown.  I have had to narrow down my groups to those that best serve my business because the networking events can take up MUCH of your time.  Find YOUR tribe.  Get in there, meet people and go with the group or groups that you enjoy and that support you and your business.  
  • Give Back- Support your tribe!  When you choose your networking groups... be sure and look to the other members and offer your support however you can.  It's give and take and giving back is very important.  This will be a future blog post because it's just that important.  I also have a few 'Personal Projects' which are non-profit organizations I feel compelled to be around!  Why?  You'll meet great people and step out of your own comfort zone.  Bliss Kid Yoga is one of my favorite groups. I've photographed a handful of their community events and had so much fun each time.  I also photographed kids which I've discovered I really have a knack for and enjoy.  I also have plans to photograph events for Alzheimer's Texas.  I also photograph some events and celebrations in local assisted living and memory care facilities.

4.  Taking Risks and Fear of Failure- It's basic human behavior to have fear of failure.  Taking risks can help you to overcome this fear so that it doesn't leave you standing still with fear.  Fear can guide you to choose carefully, but LOVE for your dream will be what drives you to success.

5.  Speaking of Dreams...  You've probably guessed it- following your dreams mean taking chances.  This is the case if you are seeking a job, entrepreneurship, new hobby or just something on your bucket list like parasailing!!  You've got to put yourself out there.  If you don't take any chances, your dream will be out of reach.  

Entrepreneurship has been a dream of mine for a long time.  Both my parents were entrepreneurs and I'm quite certain it is in my blood. Even so, it took me awhile to know exactly what I wanted to do.  It became very clear for me-like a switch going on and I drove home knowing exactly what I wanted.  I had no idea it would be so fun or that I would learn so much!  

So, Did We Take the Plunge?