Beautiful Gifts

Gifts come in many forms- items, trinkets, words and even thoughts and prayers.  When I decided to start my photography studio, my friend Marcy gifted me a few antique chairs that had been in her family for generations.   As if that wasn't special enough, she and her daughters also wrote a beautiful blessing that I keep framed in my studio.   I read it everyday as a reminder that I AM Blessed.  

These are the things that make life sweet. It's in the moments.  It's when you know someone is thinking about you and really rallying for your success.  It's love.  

In honor of Marcy and Mother's Day, we did our photoshoot with her mother Sandy, and daughter and we had a BLAST!  We did an indoor shoot and an outdoor shoot because, well, they're just that special to me.  They, in return, allowed me to use the images, including the behind the scenes images for my blog and marketing.  You'll see the full blog post 3/18/16.   There is also a sweet video that might make you cry.  In fact, there are two different videos because I wanted to show more behind the scenes fun.  Life is just too short to not have FUN!  The videos are short- I know we are all busy!

Do you like the videos of the shoots?  I often do a little video footage along with the still photos for my photoshoots.  It's a wonderful combination of behind the scenes personalities that don't always show in photos along with the beautiful photos.  You can have that too!  You can see more here.  

For today, I say THANK YOU! to Marcy and all who have supported me in my portrait photography work and studio, the photo/documentary about dementia I work so hard on and all that goes with this!   Let's celebrate good friends, love and yes...BEAUTY EVERYWHERE!

Makeup/Hair by Duane Sevelin Cosmetics and assistant for the day for Vanessa Copp.  Hey, we sure had fun didn't we????  Show some love and leave a comment for Marcy!