Love Still Lives Here

 Mary, Paul and John are contributors to my upcoming book, Love Still Lives Here. 

Today was the first of a series of interviews and photo sessions with families living with dementia.  I want to be able to share their stories of love in the family. After years of listening and caring for people living with dementia/Alzheimer's Disease and feeling rather powerless to help them, I took a leap of faith.  I left my full time job and essentially retired from healthcare and my nurse practitioner career to pursue photography and write this book.  I felt that somebody needed to tell these beautiful stories of how families cope and even thrive in spite of very challenging situations.  'Love Still Lives Here' will be a compilation of inspiring and touching stories and photos taken at their homes.  There will be a variety of dementia stages and types.  It's a book of love stories!

The support has been incredible, and I have to pinch myself every day to prove that this is really happening!

The image is of one incredible woman who cares for 2 of her sons with early onset Alzheimer's Disease.  Her story is touching and her spirit is absolutely phenomenal.  I can't wait to share it with you when the book comes out.  Anticipated publication is by December 2016.

Alice Megliorino, photographer and owner of ForeverLola Photography has my back and did some behind the scenes shots (including this one!) and video for me.  I'm so excited about this project.  

I am so thrilled to tell you more about this wonderful woman Mary and her 2 sons who were diagnosed with dementia at very young ages.   You know this blog post is just a super short version, right?  Mary shared beautiful stories about her sons before they had dementia, once they were diagnosed and now that they require full time help at home.  The love is so evident in the images, but you know I can't show those until the book is out!  Love Still Lives Here will be published by November, 2016.  At it's core, Love Still Lives Here is a book about the love in families and people with dementia.  After years of being in reverence of families caring for loved ones with dementia, I realized these stories of LOVE and DEVOTION need to be shared with the world.  These are the stories so rarely heard.  Love Still Lives Here is about the many expressions of love and will certainly entertain, inspire and open your heart.

Elder Remembrance Photography

  In my 37+ year nursing career, I often cared for elders who had no recent photos.  It wasn't unusual to see people in their 80s whose most recent photos were from their 40s and 50s.  When did our later years become a time not worthy of being memorialized?  Sure, elders aren't smoothed skinned anymore, but there is still that light, that smile, that expression that is so uniquely them.  Elder remembrance photography is about honoring our later years, and recognizing the beauty that is still there.  It's about seeing the love that families have for one another-even within the mundane everyday stuff.  It's my mission to bring Elder Remembrance Photography to life!  Watch for E-Books with simple tips about how to take great photos.  Add some stories about your loved one and you've got magic!