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Artful Portraits

Artful Portraits are about you!  You might remember the Glamour shots that were so popular in the 80s and 90s.  This is our modern version!  You'll be pampered with professional hair and makeup and have your very own photoshoot that fits your personality.  When was the last time you felt beautiful or really stepped out of your comfort zone?  So many women work hard and put themselves last on the list of priorities.  Change your life and schedule your shoot!  

The packages offer a variety of 8X10 images, beautiful folio box and even canvas prints if you want.  There are options!  

Artful Portraits are for women of all ages.  If you are 50 or over and think that it is 'all over' for you- THINK AGAIN!  This is one of my favorite age groups.  Click here to see some examples. 


What can be more beautiful than seeing LOVE in action?  Love is a miracle and its everywhere we look if we our hearts to see.  When was the last time you and your beloved had professional images created for you?  I wish my parents had more photos done of themselves.  Give your children a loving gift.  Time goes fast but don't forget about yourselves.  Re-connect through COUPLE PHOTOGRAPHY!  It's so much more fun than a therapy session!  Click here for examples!

Before and After  

Just like the title says, you'll find some before and after images.  I ask women to come in without makeup or having their hair done because it is best that way for our hair and skin experts.  It's not the hair or makeup that makes these women beautiful, though.  It is their own light that shines so darned bright!  Have you forgotten just how beautiful, bright and special you are?  Come on in!  I love sharing my gift of seeing your light even before you can.  Let me give a big 'THANK YOU!' to those brave enough to let me snap a 'before.'  I love you all!  Click HERE for some examples.

Personal Branding


I’ve struggled with the term ‘Head shots ‘ because #1 I just don’t like the sound of it and #2 it didn’t describe what I do.  I stumbled across the term ‘Personal Branding’ and found my home.  

‘Headshots’ have traditionally been rather dull, flat images that have little personality.  Ah, but the Personal Branding photography is about YOU. In the world of entrepreneurs, corporations and social media the days of simply self promoting are gone.  They want to know the why behind our businesses and they want to know about us.  Personal Branding is about self-expression where we deliberately shape our image and persona to let the world know what we have to offer, how we are different and WHY.  Click HERE to learn more.

Some have loved their photos so much that they completely changed their business branding and have taken off toward success!  

Written by Candy Barone   August 2015

'As I find myself revamping my marketing and branding materials for my business, I want to take a moment to give a proper testimonial to the talented and amazing, Carmen Davailus Buck. You see, she is the reason I am restructuring the look and feel of my business. And, I honestly never would have expected that what seemed like a fun glamour photo shoot one day would be such a catalyst to rethink my entire approach. Thanks to Carmen's incredible eye and artistic gift, she brought out a light in me that was undeniable and beautiful. What she was able to capture in my energy, my spirit and within my eyes goes far beyond words in terms of how I can express my gratitude. I sincerely thank her for the time, care and thoughtfulness she put into the shoot, itself ... even down to the makeup artist she partnered with to bring out something quite magical. Thank you, Carmen, for helping me see myself with a different lens, push out of my comfort zone, and fall in love with the images of me that truly capture the essence of my personality!'


Family and Pets/Lifestyle Photography

Documenting the everyday, mundane family life events is so interesting to me.  It is those everyday seemingly dull, boring activities that i wish I had of my own family.  What do the kids look like when they first get up?  What is the favorite piece of clothing or toy?  How do they look at one another?   How about that joy when the family pet comes in the house?  These are memories that matter.   Sometimes I think about what life must've been like when my 2 brothers and I were young.   I would love to be able to look back and see what our home looked like, what WE looked like and most of all our parents at that time.  You and your kids can have this.  I call this 'Lifestyle' photography.  

Another option is to visit my studio where I have some cool backdrops.  I also have an acre of property with beautiful trees to take some joyful action shots.  Feel free to bring props such as favorite toys or wagon and your family pet with you.  These images are beautiful and important too.  

Why not just capture it yourself or with your cell phone?  Professional images capture the emotion in a candid (not posed) scenario.  Selfies are not candid.  If you take the pictures, you can't be a part of it.  Presence in our lives is so needed.  We are practically being choked by technology.  Why not enjoy your family and let me capture the moments.  You and your children will cherish it forever because it'll tell your story and capture the LOVE in your family.  It'll be your One of a Kind photo documentary.  Click HERE for some Examples


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