Carmen Buck

Carmen Buck

My name is Carmen.  I'm a portrait, lifestyle and humanitarian photographer, author, international speaker and nurse practitioner. 

  • LOVE is LOVE.  It's the one thing that doesn't discriminate for color, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, size of your waist, color of your eyes...  I love to photograph BEAUTY, and BEAUTY is everywhere.  

  • Our elderly family members often get left out of important family photos, announcements and other important events where a professional photographer is hired.  I'm going to change this.  I envision all generations of family members in our annual family photos, and grandmas and grandpas being part of wedding and pregnancy announcements and maternity pictures and... I'm getting all teary eyed just thinking about it!   That's right-you heard it here first!

  • We all have God given talents and gifts.  Mine is the ability to capture your love, light and compassion in every situation. It may sound cliche' but it's true.  It's my soul gift.  People sometimes cry when they see themselves through my eyes.   Oh yeah, this is why I love to take photograph!  

  • Some of our elderly have dementia or Alzheimer's Disease.  That was my specialty in nursing and I'm very comfortable working with people with dementia.  Every stage of our lives need to be honored. Facility, your home, my studio...?   Yep, I come to you for these family or individual portraits. Every photoshoot with the elderly or ill has been incredibly special and resulted in "priceless" images for the family.

A Few Fun Facts:

  • Just See Me- Sacred Stories from the Other Side of Dementia is my upcoming book about love and dementia filled with stories and beautiful pictures.  Don't you just love❤️  the name? It's my baby and you should see it on shelves in the Winter of 2018.   

  • Chipotle tacos and popcorn are my 2 favorite foods.  I can't eat chocolate without getting it on my face.  I've tried.  

  • Do you hear a laugh that's a bit too loud?  It's me, and I can't help it.  I believe life is short and meant to be enjoyed so I rarely pass up opportunities.  I figure they're gifts from God, and who would turn that down? 

  • Love- it's why I do what I do  

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Carmen Buck is a portrait, lifestyle and humanitarian photographer capturing love, light and compassion in every situation. During her 40 year nursing career, she worked with thousands of people seeking meaning and connection during challenging times. Her master’s degree in nursing focused on spirituality and health. Healing and connection through story telling and photography is her passion.  Her latest book, Just See Me- Sacred Stories from the Other Side of Dementia will be released early 2018. She is an international speaker and author teaching both live events and webinars on the topics of spirituality and photography. She creates legacies for people of all ages in the Austin TX area and beyond.  She donates her talents to a variety of non profit organizations.

Mission Statements

  • The mission of Carmen Buck Photography is to provide outstanding service and an enjoyable experience in front of the camera. 
  • It is our mission to include ALL generations in photos including our elderly.
  • It is our mission to memorialize our loved ones with dementia with beautiful photos.
  • It is also our mission to create photographs you will love and cherish forever.  
  • It is our mission to provide creative services, gallery exhibitions and community outreach far and wide through photography, speaking, blogging and published books and articles.
  • We are creatives with a real heart for family and want to inspire and influence generations of families on the importance of creating family heirlooms. 

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